Marketing and Dynamic Signage – The Next Level

It is expected that digital signage solutions based on micro-architecture will help stabilize a market that has been fragmented by numerous, non-standards-based platforms and transform the way clients interact with digital signs in environments such as retail stores, airports, banks and hotels.

This technology is expected to deliver additional value to digital advertising operators and users with improvements in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) via energy savings and remote management capabilities, as well as increased return on investment (ROI) for branding using Anonymous Video Analytics.

To help businesses integrate these solutions into their signage applications, development has integrated a next-generation dynamic advertising Platform. Micro Architecture validated with a world renowned operating system. The DS/DOOH industry has seen tremendous growth in the past years and with it, the need to efficiently and economically move increasingly larger volumes of the right media to an increasing number of screens, which uses the national, digital media distribution network of PBS for file transfer.

Also a national data company brings proven reliability, capability and scale-ability at low-cost for enterprise networks. The dynamic landscape of e-commerce advertising with its expanding need to deliver media rich high-definition content will require a network that can deliver the peak performance and value that 4G enables. Developments in technology enable these new marketing platforms on the 4G network.

Recently, DOOH was utilized as part of a global advertising campaign and according to research and statistical analysis, a significant increase of brand awareness and market share – proof that DOOH stands up to the test.